Vaginismus is a condition consisting of involuntary spasms in the vaginal muscles, which causes difficulty with using tampons, tolerating gynecology exams and having intercourse.

In anticipation of any examination or penetration, the vaginal muscles go into spasm causing pain on penetration or complete inability to have intercourse.

Dr. Lind and is one of only two physicians in the nation specifically trained to perform  progressive dilation and Botox injections of the pelvic floor and vagina to help treat vaginismus. The Botox injections help to lessen the amount of muscle spasms while gradual desensitization is achieved with education and therapy from our dedicated professionals.  Botox procedure with progressive dilation is based on an FDA approved study by Peter Pacik, MD, who founded the procedure then proved its efficacy with life-changing results. Dr. Lind had the privilege to learn directly from Dr. Pacik, just before Dr. Pacik retired.  Dr. Pacik and Dr. Lind continue to collaborate  in educational and treatment enhancement for this very sensitive condition

The specialized care provided for women’s sexuality focuses on making you feel comfortable discussing sexual concerns and finding the best solution for your sexual dysfunction. Our doctors also collaborate with counselors who can help establish a stronger relationship between you and your partner.

Vaginal Dilation with Botox Injection Under Anesthesia:

If you have vaginismus, you may choose to get vaginal dilation under anesthesia with Botox injections of the pelvic floor. You will first be injected with a local anesthetic and then with Botox. The muscles that experience spasms are gently stretched while the patient is gently sedated to the point where ther is no pain and no recollection of the dilation.  Dilation progresses typically from one centimeter in size up to an acceptable capacity to be compatible with your partner. The procedure usually takes about half an hour. When you wake up, a dilator will be in a place that is an acceptable size for your condition. Over the course of a few weeks as you use the dilator, you will get used to penetration with a gradual transition. During this time, our nurses and physicians assistants will work with you on both the emotional and physical component associated with the process.  We have an excellent success rate and it is, indeed possible for someone with vaginismus to have comfortable sexual activity.

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