Pelvic Injury

After Childbirth

It is very common for women to experience some birth trauma, physically affecting the pelvic floor and vagina.

The vast majority of women recover completely and have no ongoing problems in the long-term, though we would always recommend that women continue to do their pelvic floor exercises to help to prevent problems later in life, such as incontinence or prolapse.

A small minority of women experience ongoing problems after childbirth including pain, scarring, or heaviness in the vagina, which may be uncomfortable. This can also affect sexual function and cause great distress, which should not be ignored.

Not all women require a surgical solution to their pelvic floor problem. Our care is tailored to your individual symptoms and expectations. We also take into account any plans for future children when deciding what treatment to recommend.

There are a number of problems specific to the pelvic floor muscles which can occur as a result of birth trauma:

* Distortion of the vagina or perineum (area between the vagina and anus)
* Heaviness or dragging sensation in the vagina
* Pain in the vagina or perineum that can also be associated with sexual intercourse
* Changes in appearance of the one or both of the labia (lips around the vagina)
* Incontinence of stools (faeces) or wind (flatus)

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