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The Pelvic Floor Doctor







(Dr Lind with wife, Lisa in Aleyeska, Alaska)

Dr Lawrence Lind, The Pelvic Floor Doctor


Co-Chief, Urogynecology:

The Division of Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgery, Northwell Health Central Region


Every patient comes with a personal problem, a unique history behind them, and an individual personality. 

I take great pride in treating each patient as an individual; truly listening to what you are saying, and understanding that pelvic floor problems have a profound impact on the physical and psychological lives of my patients. In an era where many are distracted by social media, typing on devices, and rushing through tasks, my focus is on you, and each patient has my undivided attention.

In treating the ‘whole person’, I am able to take a medical problem or anatomic problem, and turn it into a physician-patient ‘healing’ relationship, and make you well. After 22 years of specialty practice (and 28 years as a physician), I honestly wake up thinking about the privilege I have to care for women, and knowing that each day 10-20 patients express gratitude for positive physical changes and life changes I have helped to bring about. I appreciate the confidence you place in me and I treasure the experience and skills I have refined that allow me to offer truly expert care. 

Northwell Health’s Division of Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery was the first specialty urogynecology division on Long Island and is presently the largest in the state of New York. We are dedicated specialists treating conditions including bladder control problems, urinary frequency and urgency, pain with intercourse, sexual dysfunction, and prolapse (protruding or dropping)  female pelvic organs. Collectively, our division has over 125 years of experience specifically focusing on urogynecology. Our professionals include double board-certified and subspecialty-certified physicians, fellows, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and physician assistants. Northwell’s Division has Urogynecology specialists throughout Long Island, Queens, and Manhattan. I have the privilege of practicing daily with my local practice partners in Great Neck; Harvey Winkler, MD, and Dara Shalom, MD.  

Your health and well-being are my purpose, and I have great passion for Female Pelvic Medicine and Urogynecology. It would be my pleasure to help you with your medical condition. The standard of care which I target for every patient is very straight-forward; you will be treated precisely as I would want my wife or family to be treated.

Lawrence R. Lind, MD

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